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The April SPPRA Newsletter is now available in the Members area

The updated SPPRA directory has been printed and will be available on June 16 at the retirees shoot. They will be available to the members in good standing who paid their dues before the February 29 deadline. Directories will be mailed to members who are not at the shoot in accordance with the prescheduled posted notice. Extra directories will be distributed in receipt date order for those who paid their dues after the February 29 deadline until supply is depleted.

Two public forums scheduled for community to meet,
ask questions of Saint Paul Police Chief finalists

Mayor Chris Coleman today announced that two public forums are scheduled for early June to allow community members an opportunity to ask questions of the five finalists for Saint Paul Police Chief. The 32-person Police Chief Selection Committee selected the five finalists, who include: Saint Paul Police Department (SPPD) Assistant Chief Todd Axtell, Minneapolis Police Department Lieutenant Eddie Frizell, SPPD Commander Colleen Luna, SPPD Senior Commander Tina McNamara and SPPD Senior Commander Matt Toupal.

Following the two community forums, the Mayor will submit his final choice for the position of Police Chief to City Council to approve. The city has gathered a wide array of public feedback regarding the qualities community members want to see in the next Police Chief, both through an online survey and through community engagement at local gathering spaces, forums and events.


For more information about the police chief selection process, visit

Retired Officers Firearm Carry Permit

Qualification shoots will be held on Thursday, June 16 (now full) and Wednesday, July 13.
Sign up through the Training Unit at 651-266-5555.
(More details here)

Minnesota Law Enforcement Memorial Association
Peace Officer Memorial Service — May 15, 2015

IPA logoThe International Police Association-US Section is having an unprecedented membership joining opportunity.

New, first time members are free for 2015 BUT they have to sign up on line. That special runs until end of Sept. (Paying dues in Oct pays for the following year) Life Member special runs to the end of March. The Life Membership is basically half price, Cops love FREE, let alone half price. All this info is on the web when you sign up. You have to use the PROMO codes, which are also on the web for all to see.

As to whom you are and the masses that you represent and for those whom look up to you, I hope that you take advantage of the half price Life Membership. You have many good Cop years ahead of you. This membership will lay the foundation for an incredible career & open doors in retirement.

What is the IPA? | 2015 Press Release | IPA Member Website


Those Who Gave The Ultimate Sacrifice panel

The Saint Paul Police Historical Society has created a Wall of Honor. The Wall of Honor is to a memorial that will stand the test of time in honoring our fallen officers in a manner in which they truly deserve. It is also extremely important that survivors, family members, friends, fellow officers, and all visitors have access to the wall. The chosen location site at the entrance of the Saint Paul Police Headquarters will provide total access 24/7, 365 to everyone. The Wall of Honor is located just inside the front doors of Headquarters at 367 Grove Street on the horizontal wall above the dropped ceiling.

There is a bronze plaque for each officer who has made the ultimate sacrifice, flanked by wooden panel relief carvings. These carvings were created by Clifford E. Letty (1937-2009); and aptly named “Those Who Gave The Ultimate Sacrifice.” Letty is also the artist of a twelve foot long relief panel named Public Safety Memorial In Art, that hangs in the Saint Paul Police Headquarters.

One of the most interesting and unique parts of the memorial design is the old world Celtic wall mounted solid oak lectern. An oversized “great book” cast in bronze rests in an opened position atop the lectern. The book houses an interactive I-pad providing history of each of the officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty. This will enhance the personal experiences of all who visit the wall.

The design of the Wall of Honor was more than an year in the making and is conceived by the same core group of individuals who were instrumental in other department projects such as the Millennium History Book, the 1999 Police Department State Capital Photo Shoot, the Millennium Time Capsule, the Police Federation Memorial Bell, and the Maplewood Sergeant Bergeron 30 Ton Memorial Rock.

We are proud of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice,
and wish to honor each and every one of them in a very public way.

If you are now looking for training for your current job,
please check out the Saint Paul Police Professional Development Institute.

(Retirees — If you can't get into the Members section, try using the username from the newsletter, but don't capitalize the first letter. The username and password should all be LOWER CASE CHARACTERS. Also, the username is the word in the newsletter, not your name. If you need the password, e-mail Jim Arend and identify yourself.)

Many of us have spent three or more decades in the profession and have had the honor and pleasure of serving with outstanding men and women. In fact, if you ask most retirees what they miss most about the job they'll tell you it's the people they worked with. The Association helps to keep us together and informed on the issues that directly affect us. (Read this about retirement)

We hope to use this web site to also help keep us together. After retirement, many of us scattered across the country, making it difficult to know how everyone is doing. Send in something about yourself and we'll post it in Roll Call, in the Members Area, where only members are allowed. To send in your information or to get the members' password, e-mail Jim Arend, the webmaster.

Help everyone to stay in touch by submitting your e-mail address to this web site. We'll post it in the members area.

Some of our goals:

Our business meetings are held in January, April, July and October. Occasionally special meetings are held and a meeting notice is sent to every member. We have casual dinners at Mancini's every month, which are strictly social.

Membership dues are only $20.00 a year ($10.00 for survivors). If you qualify and wish to become a member, make your check payable to the St. Paul Police Retirement Association in the amount of $20.00, sign it and mail it to:

St. Paul Police Retirement Association
P.O. Box 7398
St. Paul, MN. 55107-0398

Your dues enable us to:

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